The Lounge by Randi B
The Lounge by Randi B

Welcome to The Lounge!

A community created for us, Black folks. Our voices, stories, interests, and opinions.

About Me

I’m Randi B. (Randi Bryant). That statement is profound, or rather, my ability to say it / own it is profound.

I’d been wearing a mask my entire life.

I was raised by “Say It Loud; I’m Black and I’m Proud” parents so the foundation was laid for me to love myself (can’t blame them for my issues). But, life made me hide:

How much I loved my Blackness (because America has convinced us that Black love equals hate towards others).

It made me question:

  • If I was too light (I was made to feel I wasn’t Black enough)

  • If my hair was too nappy or too straight

  • If I could be honest about blackness and diversity issues without compromising my opportunities or success.

I was told that

  • I was angry (if I complained, no matter how properly)

  • I thought I was cute

  • I was talking White

  • I was acting ghetto

Eventually, nothing about me felt right or enough. I wasn’t comfortable in the skin I was in – or that all that this skin means in America and in the world. Those feelings motivated me to help others feel as if they belonged and were accepted in their schools and workplaces. I didn’t want others to feel as if I did. So, I became a Diversity & Inclusion expert. I traveled the world expounding on the benefits of embracing differences (while playing down my differences. I know … ironic).  But in most instances, companies wanted to simply “check the box” as opposed to being honest and causing real change.  But being honest and “real” is the only path towards progress.  That is where I am now.

In this community, we are Black and enough. We look all sorts of ways, do all sorts of things, have all sorts of jobs and hobbies, live in all sorts of ways; but we are all striving to fully love and celebrate ourselves and us, Black folks. We are rejecting all the bullshit that was designed to divide us. We understand nobody is going to love us until we love ourselves. I love myself. I love us. I love you. I’m happy that you are here.


What is this All About?

After repeatedly being shut down by social media platforms, my fam and I couldn't connect where we would hang out. We needed a new home where we could openly discuss topics that are important to us, Black folks, without getting shut down or torn down by others.

This is a community for us to share our stories, interests, and opinions. You are my fam and you belong here.

You no longer have to worry about missing content from me or other community members. You can connect and share in ways we couldn't previously. 

This community was built for you.